Chenega Europe (CE) is a subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, the most successful Alaska Native Corporation to compete in the US Federal DOD market space. Chenega Corporation has the dual mission of succeeding in business to assist its Shareholder, descendants and family members in their journey to economic and social self-determination and self-sufficiency, and to create and support comprehensive cultural, societal and community activities. Read Chenega Corporation Mission Statement.


1. Chenega Citadel

Security Management Through Technology

Chenega CITADEL offers a Holistic Security Management Solution aimed at putting your organisation or government ahead of the threat.

Through a wide portfolio of strategic partnerships, Chenega Europe offers a range of technologies and services: from open source intelligence analysis and specialist surveillance, to the integration of multiple surveillance feeds into a single platform. Using specialists drawn from the military and law enforcement sectors, we provide security and technical engineering consultancy so together with the client we can deliver risk mitigation solutions bespoke to the prevailing threat environment and budget.

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 2. Training

Law Enforcement and Security Training

Law enforcement is facing more challenges today than ever before. Threats posed by Terrorism, Serious and Organised Crime, Cyber Crime, Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation pervade all countries throughout the world.

Chenega Europe delivers accredited law enforcement and security training programs in areas such as, intelligence, surveillance, counter-terrorism, anti-corruption, financial crime and more.

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Cyber Security ELearning

In partnership with Ulster University, CE offers online qualifications in cyber security, open source intelligence, social media intelligence and dark web. All training and courses are designed and implemented by our Subject Matter Experts from the Intelligence, Cyber Security, Financial Crime, Military, Covert and General Policing fraternity.

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3. Analysis

Risk Assessment & Threat Analysis

An important part of Chenega Citadel, is detailed risk assessment and threat analysis by our Chenega Subject Matter Experts.

Chenega Europe have a network of intelligence analysts in theatres throughout the world who provide real time analysis of regional issues and risks.

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Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Chenega Europe have a specialist team, led by the former Head of the Police Service Northern Ireland’s Serious Crime Review Team, who conduct reviews of police and security forces to deliver reports on what is required to achieve Human Rights and Anti-Corruption compliance.

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