Chenega CITADEL offers a Holistic Security Management Solution aimed at putting your organisation or government ahead of the threat.

Through a wide portfolio of strategic partnerships, Chenega Europe offers a range of technologies and services: from open source intelligence analysis and specialist surveillance, to the integration of multiple surveillance feeds into a single platform.

Using a stable of specialists drawn principally from the law enforcement sector, we provide security and technical engineering consultancy so together with the client we can deliver risk mitigation solutions bespoke to the prevailing threat environment and budget.



Chenega Europe provide a full range of surveillance services, from CCTV to AV systems, Drones and Counter-UAV solutions, through our trusted surveillance partners.



With our wide range of technology partners, we offer security capabilities across the electronic spectrum that includes BioScan palm vein identification, 2D/3D facial recognition and a range of optical sensors.

Management and Control Integration

Management and Control Integration

To be effective in today’s complex environment, decision makers demand an accurate real-time operating picture.

Security Solutions

Communications and Cyber Security

Communications and Cyber Security

The protection of an enterprise’s information in today’s high threat environment is an evolving challenge. We can help you to meet this challenge through our communications and cyber security solutions.

Information Analysis

Information Analysis

An important part of Chenega CITADEL, is detailed risk assessment and threat analysis by our Subject Matter Experts. Chenega clients can take advantage of our bespoke analytical services and open source intelligence software to fulfil critical information requirements.

Accredited Training

Accredited Training

Knowledge base investment is a key factor in enterprise success. Partnered with Ulster University, Chenega Europe offers fully accredited online training in OSINT and the Deep and Dark Web, with an introductory course in Blockchain Technology and Architecture to launch in 2019.

Consultancy & Through-Life Services

Consultancy & Through-Life Services

Security starts with a detailed threat analysis and the development of the measures required to mitigate them. Utilising our professional security and engineering expertise, Chenega Europe works with you to arrive at a bespoke security solution. Brought together under CITADEL, we will develop a product that matches both threat and budget.

Following consultancy, Chenega Europe has the capability to engineer, install, train and maintain the selected security solution so that it continues to operate at the required level of capability throughout its life.

Chenega Arcangel

The ArcAngel Suite is a real-time event management platform that integrates predictive analytics and leading edge visualization technologies to improve a situational awareness and provide a common operating platform to emergency management services.

This solution provides government and commercial organizations with the ability to communicate with employees and the public during an emergency.

Download Chenega Arcangel sheet.  

Chenega Arcangel

Chenega Citadel

Holistic Security Management

Through a wide portfolio of strategic partnerships, Chenega International Consulting (CIC) offers an array of technologies and services ranging from open source intelligence analysis, specialist surveillance, and multiple surveillance feeds, into a single command and control platform.

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Chenega Citadel

Citadel for Pipelines

Through a wide portfolio of strategic partnerships, Chenega International Consulting (CIC) offers an array of technologies and services ranging from open source intelligence analysis, specialist surveillance, and multiple surveillance feeds, integrated into a single command and control platform.

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Citadel for Pipelines

FSI Workforce Solutions

Chenega and FSI are world leading providers of ethical recruitment to low skilled migrant workers. We provide workforce solutions and security founded on our business ethos and management excellence of the British Army’s Gurkhas.

Our vision is to enable success by unlocking human potential, to provide exceptional workforces – managed with excellence – across all sectors and geographies and to make dignified employment accessible to everyone.

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Law Enforcement Training

The greatest challenge to Law Enforcement currently emanates from extremism and serious and organised crime. Today’s criminals have exploited the digital age to remove traditional borders, making combating such threats a global challenge. The response to these challenges is critical. Chenega International Consulting can provide the necessary law enforcement and security training to clients seeking to realise their developmental goals and maximise their capacity.

We offer bespoke training delivered by specialist trainers who have taught, trained and mentored in conflict zones such as, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

We are strong advocates of continuous professional development and have developed strong professional ties with Ulster University with whom we offer academically accredited training upon reaching bench marked standards.

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A website you browse, a YouTube video you watch, a blog or social media post you read. This is all publicly available data referred to as Open Source Intelligence or OSINT.

Our university accredited OSINT course has been designed by academics and subject matter experts in cyber security and intelligence. The course provides training in intelligence gathering in the digital era, including social media intelligence training and an introduction to the dark web. The course also equips students with the necessary skills to protect their own cyber footprint.

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Deep & Dark Web

The World Wide Web is estimated to consist of over 130 trillion individual webpages and is constantly growing.

Only 4-10% of these webpages are found on the surface web and readily available to the public. The Deep and Dark web make up the remaining percentage. So, what can be found beneath the surface? Take our course on the Deep and Dark web to find out.

Our university accredited Deep and Dark Web course has been designed by academics and subject matter experts in cyber security and intelligence. The course provides insight into the Deep and Dark web and criminal activity found online, training in how to access the Dark Web safely and securely and the basics of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Download the Dark Web info sheet.    

Breach Detect

SS8 BreachDetect is a time machine for breach detection. It uses new methods of network visibility, learning and automation to accelerate and simplify the breach-hunting journey – past, present and future.

SS8 applies today’s knowledge to history to find breaches now that you did not know about before.

Download SS8 BreachDetect info sheet.  

Cyphra Cyber Security

Chenega and Cyphra have extensive experience in delivering cyber security projects across a wide range of the public sector such as, health & central government, & private sector clients including banking, manufacturing, & petrochemical companies.

Our structured methodology will provide your organisation with insight and implement mitigation strategies that are appropriate to your requirements and business context.

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Chenega Facial Recognition

The only 3D Biometric - Quality Facial Recognition Solution in the World.

The CES is designed for real-world conditions. Operating indoor, outdoor, or as a self-contained
mobile unit, the CES automatically identifies and alerts on persons of interest with biometric accuracy

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Bioscan Palm Vein Identification

The BioScan palm vein identification system seamlessly identifies personnel by capturing the vascular structure unique to every human being, underneath the skin, using infrared light.

Because of its unprecedented accuracy, practically no false acceptance or false rejection rate, the technology is in use by military and nuclear facilities, national critical infrastructure, banks, sports stadiums, healthcare systems, and homeland security.

Download the Bioscan Palm Vein ID info sheet.    

Chenega Secure Communications

Communicate freely, secure in the knowledge that your information will be confidential.

All messages and voice calls are encrypted end-to-end, allowing you to connect in the confines of a completely secure network from anywhere in the world.

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Precipio Vehicle Protection

Every day automotive security breaches and vehicle tampering occur around the world. The Chenega/Precipio solution offers individuals peace of mind. 

Utilizing an internalized vehicle security system, Precipio guards any size vehicle from malicious intent through user notification and vehicle monitoring. 

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Chenega Luminator Drone

The LUMINATOR module has been developed for search and rescue (SAR) applications where more expensive assets such as helicopters may not be easily available. LUMINATOR can also be easily deployed by first responders at accident and crime scenes.

An elevated lighting source provides much greater coverage than traditional ground based systems.The LUMINATOR module enables aerial operational control and decision making during hours of darkness. Teams can quickly sweep, monitor, identify targets and remain vigilant to change.

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Rapid deploy, cost effective, lighting for crime scenes and search and rescue

Chenega Sparrowhawk

The SPARROWHAWK module is a Counter UAV (C-UAV) system designed to capture, and recover intact, a rogue UAV and its payload safely. SPARROWHAWK will stop fully autonomous UAVs up to 20kg, both rotary and fixed wing, and can be re-armed in just a few seconds for repeat sorties.

The SPARROWHAWK system is portable, reliable, quick to deploy and easy to operate. It is comprised of a multi-copter COURIER UAV, weighted entanglement Net, parachute, safety interlocked deployment system, EOIR camera aiming and target selection module.

Download the Chenega Sparrowhawk C-UAV info sheet.   

Counter UAV (C-UAV) for capture and safe recovery of rogue UAVs

Chenega Disruptor Drone

The DISRUPTOR payload has been developed for EOD and IEDD in elevated and inaccessible locations. With Responder’s unique quick payload change technology, the DISRUPTOR module can be quickly and easily changed to ensure that it is equipped specifically for every sortie.

An EOIR camera system delivers secure and reliable video relay, giving operators the images they need for assessment day or night. The quick battery replacement system provides for repeat sorties with minimal downtime.

Download Chenega Disruptor Drone info sheet. 

Chenega Courier Drone

The COURIER, our carry, deploy and retrieve solution, is an industrial grade UAV platform, which carries and deploys multiple inter-changeable payloads to address specific operational tasks. COURIER possesses the ability to reach targets with supplies or payloads in a timely and effective manner.

The COURIER support console Includes a robust user-friendly ground control station that can be used to operate all missions in single or dual operator configuration. The COURIER provides a UAV that is prepared for multi-mission emergency responses and is ready for whenever rapid response to mission-critical operations or personnel is necessary.

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A32 Aircraft

The A-32 SEEKER is an innovative alternative to the traditional approach to surveillance aircraft, utilising down and up links to central stations, with adaptive payload options, long endurance, very low speed controllability, and unrivalled low operational cost and purchase costs.

Operating from unprepared airstrips, without the need for extensive support units, ability to response at a moment’s notice, short training and conversion training, the A-32 SEEKER is the ultimate package, giving commanders on the ground access to real time video imagery anywhere, ability to view sensors on the ground in the air and perform the missions of helicopters at less than 5% of the purchase and operational costs.

Download the A32 info sheet.   

Citadel Ports Maritime

Through our in-house expertise, combined with selected specialist partnerships, Chenega International Consulting (CIC) offers comprehensive and forward-thinking technologies and services to enhance your security, HSE and Port Operations.

Ranging from intelligence analysis and situational awareness to surveillance and accounting for people, we can integrate SMART Port and Port Operating Systems (POS) with a command and control or common operating platform (COP). 

Download our Ports Maritime one sheet 

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