Modern Slavery Statement for Financial Year 2019/20

Issued in accordance with Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

 1.0 Our Organisation

Chenega Europe (CE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chenega Corporation which consistently ranks among the top 10 most successful Alaskan-owned businesses in the state. The word ‘Chenega’ means ‘beneath the mountain’ and the people of the Chenega Tribe have lived in Prince William sound Alaska for some 10,000 years.   In 1971, the U.S. Congress enacted the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). This Act granted the original residents of Chenega title to over 70,000 acres of land in Prince William Sound, paving the way for the Chenega Corporation, which was established three years later in 1974.  Today Chenega Corporation invests in projects and programs which enable economic infrastructure development in the village of Chenega.
 Chenega Europe is one of seventeen companies from within the Chenega Corporation Military, Intelligence and Operations Support (MIOS) which is headquartered in Lorton Virginia in the USA.  Chenega Europe is a commercial branch of this business unit, which is based in Belfast and whose remit is to bring products, services and training to the international marketplace with support from MIOS and the Corporation as a whole.


Through a wide portfolio of strategic partnerships, Chenega Europe offers a range of technologies and services: from open source intelligence analysis and specialist surveillance, to the integration of multiple surveillance feeds into a single command and control platform.  

One of these strategic partnerships is with the Ulster University and Chenega Europe works together with the University to deliver online short courses which are accredited to Level Four. There are currently four short courses available, one of which is an academic study of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. 

Chenega Europe is committed to raising awareness of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery and this unique course is aimed at businesses who need to train their staff to not only recognise the signs of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, but to make it the culture within their business to be at the forefront of eradicating it from their workforce and supply chains.

The cultural norm at Chenega Europe is to be anti-human trafficking champions, highlighting the issue whenever an opportunity presents itself and proactively seeking to change business owner mindsets to recognise that the problem exists and to encourage them to take action.

Chenega Europe has a number of independent consultants who bring expertise in specific business areas, as and when they are required.


2.0 Our Policies


All employees of Chenega Europe receive the employee handbook and acknowledge receipt.  This handbook contains all the relevant polices which all employees should be aware of and includes an equal opportunities statement at the introduction.  Policies in the handbook include:

Performance, behaviour and working environment

Disciplinary Procedure

Training, Development and Promotion

Whistle-blower Procedure

Health and Safety

Chenega Europe has a Human Rights Policy which has been published on our website and which has been brought to the attention of all our employees and consultants.

All Chenega Europe employees attend an induction at Chenega Corporation HQ in Lorton where they are introduced to the company and taken through the employee handbook.

All consultants who work for Chenega Europe must comply with all Chenega Europe’s polices and Code of Conduct.


3.0 Our supply chains


We use a small number of suppliers to support our operations and activities. Our suppliers are predominantly UK-based and are required to be compliant with UK legislation. These suppliers mostly supply services to us relating to marketing, IT delivery and support, consultants, training providers, travel and professional services. We also procure a limited amount of goods in the form of office supplies, furniture, IT hardware and other materials used in our day-to-day operations.  We have therefore assessed the overall risk of Chenega Europe contracting with organisations that engage in slavery or human trafficking as relatively low. However, we will establish if our suppliers have a Modern Slavery Statement and if they do not, we will encourage them to comply with the UK legislation and create one.


4.0 Risk Assessment and Due Diligence


As part of our risk management processes, modern slavery risks and mitigations are considered. Due to the nature of the sector that we operate in as suppliers of training services, the risks are regarded as minimal and the likelihood of them occurring very low.  However, we will continue to carry out due diligence in respect of all of the services which we supply.   As part of our ongoing due diligence we will also have modern slavery and human trafficking as an agenda item in our weekly team meetings. 


5.0 Training and Awareness


To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking, as well as all aspects of regulations, laws and standards in our supply chains and our business, we will provide human trafficking and modern slavery training to all of our employees and consultants in the incoming year.


6.0 How will we measure effectiveness of our policy?


On an annual basis we will commit to reviewing:


  1. How many of our employees and consultants have undergone our Human Trafficking and Modern slavery training.
  2. Our supply chains to note how many of our suppliers have a Modern Slavery Statement
  3. How many Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Courses we have delivered and analyse the feedback received in order to improve our service.

This policy has been endorsed the President of Chenega Europe, John Douglas. 



John Douglas


Chenega Europe Ltd

1 Lanyon Quay

Belfast, BT1 3LG

United Kingdom

+44-7776-141981 – UK Cell


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