2.1 Surveillance Operators Course

Specialist Police Courses

Our surveillance course is designed to equip students to undertake foot, mobile and static surveillance in hostile conditions. On completing the course students will be in a position to use the ABC foot positioning system, trigger, static boxing, cornering, position, cover, urban awareness, third party awareness, mobile, biometric recovery and DNA.

2.2 Covert Photography Course

Specialist Police Courses

This course has been designed to enable students to maximise equipment capability with the aim of obtaining good quality evidential or intelligence product. By course end, students will have a sound understanding of digital camera / video handling, use of cover methods, vehicular and static techniques.

2.3 Tactical Advisor Firearms

Specialist Police Courses

A modular course that will develop and enable students to provide effective tactical advice to strategic and tactical commanders in relation to incidents and operations that may require the deployment of firearms or less lethal weapons as part of a policing response. This course examines tactical options and the considerations and contingencies in respect of each option.

2.4 Public Order and Public Safety Command Course (Gold and Silver)

Specialist Police Courses

A modular course designed to develop students at management level to perform the role of strategic public order commander (Gold) and tactical commander (Silver) before during and after public order and public safety events. The course will examine decision making models, intelligence gathering and tactical options in relation to deploying tactics and resources.

2.5 Public Order and Public Safety Course (Bronze)

Specialist Police Courses

This course will develop students to effectively perform the role of an operational (Bronze) commander before, during and after public safety events. The course will specifically examine tactical options and effective use of tactics to achieve strategic aims.

2.6 Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Course

Specialist Police Courses

Hostage and Crisis Negotiation is an ever-evolving discipline and crucial to strategic considerations in seeking successful and peaceful outcomes, in any particular crisis scenario.

In tandem with conventional negotiation approaches to incidents such as suicide intervention, kidnap and criminal / domestic siege, there has been a necessity to develop approaches to meet the increasing challenges of international terrorism and extremist attacks. Marauding terrorist firearms attacks and hostage taking are fast moving, unconventional scenarios that require unconventional tactics in order to save life. Approaches designed to engage, distract and delay perpetrators are key.

Negotiation courses are designed to provide students with effective communication and listening skills for application in various crisis scenarios. This is achieved through a combination of theoretical inputs, case studies and practical exercising. By course end students will be equipped to deliver safe outcomes in a range of life at risk scenarios.

2.7 Strategic Awareness Course

Specialist Police Courses

This modular course is designed to develop students at management level. Topics include; Concept Operations, Operational Plan, Crisis Management, Concept Implementation, Training Plan, Change Management, PR Strategy, Accountability Mechanisms (national and international) leadership Code of Conduct, Policy and Doctrine, Strategic Risk, Current Threat, Partnerships, Cross Border Coordination, Role Profile, Career Development and Performance Assessment.

2.8 Community Intelligence and Countering Violent Extremism

Specialist Police Courses

This course is designed to assist police and community leaders understand the importance of working with local communities to offer a counter narrative to those pedalling radicalization. Students will gain an understanding of the current threat, recognition of extremism ad knowledge of intervention options.

2.9 Portal Examining Officers Course

Specialist Police Courses

The course is designed to assist students engaged in the management of ports and border control points. Students will learn best practice regarding assessing entrants, interview techniques, partnership cooperation, collation and information management.

2.10 Human Behavior Profiling

Specialist Police Courses

A modular course that demonstrates that intelligence led policing permits the most effective use of resources. This course underpins this theme by training students in human behaviour profiling techniques thereby permitting effective and targeted use of stop and search. This course is of specific value to Portal examining officers.

2.11 Community Policing Methods Course

Specialist Police Courses

Community policing should be a dominant philosophy with policing organizations. It is not a regime but a modular concept of learning which benefits all aspects of the community and of the organization that polices it. This course has been designed to facilitate bespoke training for the managerial and administrative systems that support it and tailor their organizational needs to that community in countering fear, crime and community hostility.

2.12 Disruptive Effects Counter Reconnaissance Course. (Behavioural Detection)

Specialist Police Courses

This course assists students set baselines for normal human interaction and behaviour in every day settings and recognise when behaviour or reaction is abnormal.

Delivered in an interactive roleplay format, students are trained to utilise their newly acquired skills to examine various forms of criminality such as human trafficking, terrorism, hooliganism and drug crime.

2.13 Police and the Media Course.

Specialist Police Courses

This course empowers students with the knowledge to deal with the media in a professional manner. The course is interactive with students being challenged in recorded scenarios, dealing with written, audio, video and social media messaging.

Our vastly experienced consultants are drawn from both policing and journalism and really bring this course to life.

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