Protecting national security in the region requires technology that will identify known or suspected terrorists and other persons of interest without their knowledge.

In order to do this, the technology must be able to collect biometric quality data at a distance, match to watch lists, and maintain an accurate identity database for future matching.

Chenega’s Lidar enabled 2D/3D Biometric Surveillance Technology were invited by a Government in the Middle East for head-to-head comparison in real-world conditions and then selected to provide its unique technology for an ongoing project to improve its airport surveillance capabilities.

In order to accurately identify persons of interest, Chenega’s technology offer a solution capable of handling variable lighting conditions, motion up to running speeds, off-angle poses, scanning up to 100 meters, and matching that is not impeded by glasses & sunglasses, mustaches, beards & other facial occlusions such as burkas.

Chenega provides the world’s only answer with long range 3D facial recognition as the basis for identity acquisition and verification. Due to distance, movement, and variable lighting conditions, the legacy 2D technology produces blurry or washed out images with poor matching quality. With actual measurements of an individual’s face, precise motion correction algorithms, and specialized filters which remove objects such as glasses, our technology creates a topographical map for true biometric accuracy despite facial hair, head coverings, facial expressions, and non-frontal imagery.

In an effort to maintain an accurate database for matching, Chenega’s identity analytics platform is capable of analyzing and converting 2D imagery and highlighting inaccuracies resulting from fraud and human error. This software suite allows for accurate back-end data for matching, greatly enhancing both latent and real-time fraud verification work-flows and closing large vulnerabilities that exist in the process today.

Chenega’s Facial Intelligence technology is the science of accurately and confidently determining the true identity of an individual, providing governments with the ability to identify that one terrorist amongst millions.

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