Identifying and designing a solution for client business security and operational need, Chenega International serves as the bridge connecting high-end engineers and security experts with state-of the-art technology solutions for operational end users.

Focused on the needs of the client, we offer a holistic security solution known as CITADEL.  With a modular design and utilizing an open architecture, CITADEL is designed to directly match both client need and threat.  Being modular, the CITADEL solution can be rapidly adjusted to match changing threat profiles.  

Police Investigation - Case Study.

Faced with limited resources our client sought assistance with what can only be described as a localized illegal narcotic’s epidemic.


Law Enforcement Training - Case Study.

All of our programs are bespoke to our client’s individual needs and delivered by subject matter experts.


Lidar enabled 3D Biometric Technology & Airport Security - Case Study.

Protecting national security requires technology that will identify known or suspected terrorists and other persons of interest without their knowledge.


BreachDetect & Critical National Infrastructure - Case Study.

A European power supply company experienced an unscheduled power outages impacting a large amount of their customer base.


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