Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Course

What is Open Source Intelligence?


“Information does not have to be secret to be valuable” – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


A website you browse, a YouTube video you watch, a blog or social media post you read. This is all publicly available data referred to as Open Source Intelligence or OSINT.

Our university accredited OSINT course has been designed by academics and subject matter experts in cyber security and intelligence. The course provides training in intelligence gathering in the digital era, including social media intelligence training and an introduction to the Dark Web. The course also equips students with the necessary skills to protect their own cyber footprint.

This is the first of four cyber courses that are available fully online with Chenega and Ulster University. See info on our other courses here.


OSINT Course Overview

4 weeks online, flexible distance learning

15 hours per week course content time (ie Lectures) plus independent study hours

Receive 15 UK academic credit and level 4 certification from Ulster University - this is equivalent to 4 US Credits or 7.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)


Full eTutor support from Chenega & Ulster University subject matter experts 


$1000 per student. Register now.


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Who can take the course?

  • Available to all members of the public
  • No entry requirements
  • No prior knowledge of the subject matter is necessary
  • Preliminary module available that covers the basics of OSINT
  • Beneficial to all professions, from Law Enforcement to Marketing and Advertising

Course Testimonials

"Excellent online course, enjoyed from start to finish. Would recommend to any OSINT professional, analyst or those in the security industry seeking to improve their skill set with a professional qualification from a reputable university. Or just for your every day Internet user in order to gain a better awareness of online privacy and security."


"Overall great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and course material was super. Informative and easy to process in the most part. Any difficulty was quickly sorted. I have downloaded for personal use following the end of the course as a reminder and reference set of documents."

UK Police

"Whether you're an intel professional looking to expand your analytical toolkit or just wanting to learn about how you can use the Internet to the best of your ability; check out what Chenega's OSINT course has to offer"

Intelligence Professional, Australia

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