Why Study Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery?

Latest figures estimate that over 45.8 million people in the
world today are suffering in slavery, hidden away right under
our noses...

Human Trafficking is proving to be very lucrative, rapidly overtaking illegal drug dealing in the money which it generates for criminals around the world. All right-thinking governments and organisations should have an appetite to combat and raise awareness of this heinous crime. Service industries, in particular, should be leading the way in training
their staff to recognise when people are being trafficked, especially when you consider that those being trafficked inevitably must come into contact with transport systems as well as the housing, hotel, restaurant, farming, building and retail sectors. This unique course has been designed to educate students to identify potential victims and bring the traffickers to justice.

Our Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Course is an accredited online short course delivered by Chenega Europe in partnership with the Ulster University. Whether you are in business in the service industries or
a professional working with vulnerable children and adults, this course will give you the opportunity to study Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery from an academic perspective. Successful completion of this course will earn you in a Level 4 certificate in Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, a qualification which is
globally recognised.

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This is the fourth of four online courses with Chenega and Ulster University.
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Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Course Overview

4 weeks online, flexible distance learning

15 hours per week course content time (ie Lectures) plus independent study hours

Receive 15 UK academic credit and level 4 certification from Ulster University - this is equivalent to 4 US Credits or 7.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)


Full eTutor support from Chenega & Ulster University subject matter experts


$1000 per student. Register now.

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Who can take the course?

  • Available to all members of the public
  • No entry requirements
  • No prior knowledge of the subject matter is necessary
  • Beneficial to all professions, from Law Enforcement to Marketing and Advertising

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Our Course Testimonials

"Overall great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and course material was super. Informative and easy to process in the most part. Any difficulty was quickly sorted. I have downloaded for personal use following the end of the course as a reminder and reference set of documents."

UK Police

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