What does the cost of the course cover?

The cost covers the research, design, delivery and accreditation of the course. 

Chenega tutors have access to all Ulster University research materials and have full time access to University lecturers and support staff to ensure relevancy and currency of the course material. 

Once a course has been researched, designed and is ready for online delivery, it undergoes a rigorous validation process, in line with UK education standards, through the Ulster University.

Each student is registered by University administration staff and given a student number and as a result have access to a dedicated blackboard learning area which is on a fully licensed platform within the University website for the duration of the course.

The course is delivered by eTutors over a four-week period and these tutors are available in online classrooms at various times throughout the course.  They are also responsible for marking all the course assignments and ensuring that all students are fully supported throughout the course.

The accreditation process involves independent oversight from an external examiner and each student receives a Level Four certificate from the Ulster University which outlines their 15 accreditation points.

 What does accreditation mean?

An academic credit system is a standard used by universities to measure and assess students' work and effort during their courses. They relate to effort hours and can be accumulated to create entry on to other academic programmes. Credits are accumulated towards the total credit required for a programme of study and a qualification (for example, BA (Hons), MSc and so on). Most institutions that provide higher education programmes of study in the United Kingdom use credit.

In general terms programmes run through different levels:


  1. Level 4 – first year of study for a 3 year degree generally 120 credits
  2. Level 5 -  second year of study for a 3 year degree generally. 120 credits
  3. Level 6 – third and final year of study for a 3 year degree generally 120 credits
  4. Level 7 – Masters degree.


If a student successfully completes one of our courses, the time they spend completing the course means that they are entitled to 15 transferable University credits.

If the student accumulates 60 credits within the short course framework, they also obtain a certificate in Continuous Professional Development.

(Note: What is 15 UK credits equivalent to?  4 US credits 7.5 ECTS (European credit system) 15 FHEQ (The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of DegreeAwarding Bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Do I have to attend online or "live" classes?

All lectures for the course can be accessed online and are released on a weekly basis.  Each student can study the lectures at a time convenient to them.  The eTutor is available in the online ‘virtual’ classroom at various times throughout the week to assist all students when they need help or guidance with an issue on the course.

Do I need prior knowledge or experience in Open Source Intelligence to take the Open Source Intelligence Course?

The Open Source Intelligence Course (OSINT) does not require any previous knowledge of open source intelligence in order to take the course, as it takes you on a step by step study of what open source intelligence actually is. Previous students have been from various backgrounds from around the world such as journalists, private investigators, fraud and insurance investigators, analysts as well as from law enforcement.  All have found the course has enhanced their knowledge of OSINT and its use has brought benefits to their work.

How many courses do you deliver each year?

Chenega Europe delivers four online courses at least twice a year and these are:

  1. Open Source Intelligence
  2. Deep and Dark Web
  3. Blockchain
  4. Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Is this a Pass/Fail Course?

All our courses require the student to obtain at least a 40% pass mark in each task otherwise a certificate cannot be issued.

What learning platform does the course use?


The Ulster University use Blackboard Learn (BBL) as an application for online teaching, learning, community building, and knowledge sharing.  Students don't meet face-to-face in the classroom but interact entirely online. Course materials are delivered in the online format. The eTutor communicates and interacts with students with online tools and assesses student work online.

There are very extensive instructions available for students in relation to every aspect of Blackboard learn including videos and an app.



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"Excellent online course, enjoyed from start to finish. Would recommend to any OSINT professional, analyst or those in the security industry seeking to improve their skill set with a professional qualification from a reputable university. Or just for your every day Internet user in order to gain a better awareness of online privacy and security."


"Overall great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and course material was super. Informative and easy to process in the most part. Any difficulty was quickly sorted. I have downloaded for personal use following the end of the course as a reminder and reference set of documents."

UK Police

"Whether you're an intel professional looking to expand your analytical toolkit or just wanting to learn about how you can use the Internet to the best of your ability; check out what Chenega's OSINT course has to offer"

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