What is Blockchain?

Traditionally, data is stored in a centralised database with a single central authority and single point of failure. Blockchain is the new standard for storing data through a distributed or decentralised database that is less vulnerable to hacking. Blockchain has the potential to transform industries, including: voting, shipping and records and identity management.

Mastering Blockchain: Technology and Architecture is the first in a series of Blockchain courses delivered fully online by Chenega in partnership with Ulster University. The course introduces candidates to Blockchain from a beginner’s level of study, starting with the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology and Architecture, applications and use cases.

Our partnership with Ulster University provides us access to internationally recognised accreditation for our training and qualifications. Ulster is a leader in degree level vocational training and works with professional bodies, such as Chenega, to ensure programs are current and fit for purpose. The university is a member of the association of Commonwealth Universities, the European University Association, Universities of Ireland and Universities UK..

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Block Course Overview

4 weeks online, flexible distance learning

15 hours per week course content time (ie Lectures) plus independent study hours

Receive 15 UK academic credit and level 4 certification from Ulster University - this is equivalent to 4 US Credits or 7.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) 


Full eTutor support from Chenega & Ulster University subject matter experts 


$1000 per student. Register now


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Who can take the course?

  • Available to all members of the public
  • No entry requirements
  • No prior knowledge of the subject matter is
  • Blockchain is fundamental to business and to
    all professions, from information technology
    and cyber security to law enforcement and
    corporate business.

Blockchain Training

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> Cost $600

"Overall great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and course material was super. Informative and easy to process in the most part. Any difficulty was quickly sorted. I have downloaded for personal use following the end of the course as a reminder and reference set of documents."

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