Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Did you know that a recent report into Corporate Leadership on Modern Slavery found that of the 71 leading retailers in the UK, 77% believed there was a likelihood of modern slavery occurring at some stage in their supply chains?  I have often wondered how most of the clothes in the leading clothing chains in our High Streets’ cost on average less than £30.  I was looking at one such item the other day, a Sunday Best (as they say in Northern Ireland) coat which had a price tag of £30, a wee bargain I thought!  It came in multiple sizes and four different colours and was made in Vietnam which is 6380.25 air miles from Belfast, where I live.  As I stared at the coat, I started to wonder how this coat had been produced and come all that way for £30!  Had the buttons been sewn on by a young child’s fingers?  Had the lining been stitched by a pregnant woman who had sat on a hard, rickety seat for ten hours?  Did they work in a “factory” with inadequate heating, lighting, sanitary ware and food?  Had this coat, which I was considering buying, been produced by modern day slaves and therefore, was it really a wee bargain or a huge humanitarian disgrace that this is happening in our high streets??


As part of my research for our Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Course I discovered this survey (see the link below) which I took and discovered that the products in my house most likely were made by 46 modern day slaves. I would urge you to take this survey to see the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery reality that is all around us in the clothes we wear and the food we eat.

If you want to learn more about our Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Course click here. 

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