Intelligence Management Training with Chenega Europe

Chenega Europe will be showcasing our bespoke intelligence management training offerings at SCTX 2019 Security & Counter Terror Expo this March 5-6. 

Intelligence Management

Law Enforcement agencies gather intelligence from a variety of sources including HUMINT, CHIS, Communications Interception, Community Representatives, Financial, Surveillance and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to name but a few. Unless an effective system is in place to promptly analyse, securely protect, store and disseminate these various strands as appropriate, intelligence gaps occur and avoidable mistakes will be made.

Enhancing Professional Reputation

Chenega Europe offer professional training regimes that will assist our clients to develop bespoke intelligence management systems based on UK and National Intelligence Model good practice. We offer tailored training for intelligence managers, analysts, and researchers. We have the ability to enhance your existing intelligence gathering systems to ensure that you blend strategic intelligence with your operational planning.

Chenega Europe ensures that intelligence gathering becomes an embedded policy and not an informal practice. The professional law enforcement organisation of today can no longer respond to contemporary and future problems with the solutions of yesterday.

Attendees of SCTX 2019 Security & Counter Terror Expo will be able to talk to the Chenega Europe training team about their training requirements at booth B41 from 5 - 6 March at Olympia, London.



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