Chenega Europe to Demo ReconEyez Asset Protection at Milipol Qatar

Chenega Europe is proud to introduce ReconEyez, our partner in Asset Protection.  ReconEyez combines asset protection with visual confirmation in real time, expanding the ability of property owners to extend surveillance into remote areas. The system requires NO wiring or cables, providing a wide area coverage area that is not dependent on established infrastructure as standard CCTV systems require. It can be installed anywhere immediately, increasing security protection at reduced costs.

Each system includes Detectors, a Wireless Bridge and uses lower cost PCS data network for transmitting captures.  The detectors are weatherproof (IP67) and work in all conditions. If communications are disrupted with the Bridge unit, the detector will store captures until communications are restored.  Each detector is an autonomous sensing device equipped with a rechargeable battery with up to 400 days of battery life that sensors for movement detection. AI technology automatically detects and classifies images on alarm photos using redefined classification categories. The data is then encrypted between the detector and the bridge.

The Bridge is an autonomous communications device that forwards all detections (alarms) to the Command Center and the Cloud where the owner can manage the sensor activations.   The Command Center collects and stores the information received from the deployed systems and can send alarms to smartphones or laptops.


Chenega Europe welcomes you to stop by Booth F 005 at Milipol Qatar October 29-31 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center to see the ReconEyez Asset Protection System firsthand.
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