Chenega Europe and Cognitech Advancing Security with Real Time Facial Recognition

Chenega Europe is proud to announce we will be demonstrating a Facial Recognition solution with partner Cognitech at 2018 Milipol Qatar.

Cognitech Systems was founded in 2002 by a team of experts who recognized the growing need for software and hardware solutions in the field of biometrics. Founders have been working on algorithms for the FaceVACS face recognition technology since 1995.

Cognitech’s FaceVACS line of products provide security personnel and business ID fraud prevention and error detection. FaceVACS detects, tracks, recognizes and analyzes people in live video streams, video footage, or static photos. The identifications are captured and seamed together in face streams of each appearance of the individual over time. Real time comparisons are made against image databases and watch lists enabling for quick identification and alerting.

FaceVACS can provide statistical information on how people flow, visitor demographics and individual behaviors, sending these notifications to mobile devices. This can aid in video security, people flow, crowd detection and traffic management. All imperative parts of health and safety when planning and hosting large scale, widely attended publicized events.

Leveraging existing High Definition Security Cameras and integrating our proprietary face detection/tracking sensor organization can extend the life of their existing investment, while continuing to evolve their security posture to provide enhanced security and safety to organizations, facilities, or VIPS.

For more information or to see this incredible security technology in action, stop by booth F 005 at Milipol Qatar October 29-31 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

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