Financial Crime: Follow the Money


Whether it is money laundering, terrorist financing or transnational organised crime, financial crime is a global problem that costs the global economy as much as $2.1 trillion a year. Financial crime is a key threat for industry, governments and regulatory authorities alike. Having knowledgeable, fully trained staff who understand the risks and how they can be managed is essential. Chenega has established training courses designed to train students to combat financial crime in areas such as:

  • Fraud
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Counter terrorist financing
  • Transnational Organised Crime

Financial Crime Awareness Course

Chenega Europe’s Financial Crime Awareness Course is a structured training programme developed to create awareness of fiscal criminality and provide the knowledge to counter financial crime activities and therefore protect government, corporations or other industry. Consistent financial crime prevention can only happen if you fully understand the environment you are tasked to work in. The knowledge gained from training in and understanding the financial regulatory requirements facilitates all members of staff regardless of position to fulfil their role in minimising the threat from financial crime. It is vital that staff are fully trained with the necessary skills and knowledge to counter financial crime. All training is delivered and taught by experienced academics, former and current financial investigators with specialist knowledge in financial investigation, law and criminal investigation.


Fraud Awareness Course (Anti-Money Laundering)

Chenega Europe’s Fraud Awareness Course provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to be sufficiently aware of current and imminent developments in the UK and International legal and regulatory environment surrounding Anti-Money laundering and Counter Terrorist Finance. The course trains students in the Anti-Money laundering legislative stage, interacting with live examples of fiscal crime typologies experienced within the fiscal criminal environment. Active live learning enables students to perform in real life financial crime typologies and gain skills to pre-empt and counter these activities. This provides the necessary evidenced based skills in research techniques appropriate to the role of fraud awareness. The course underpins the key principles of UK and International Anti-Money laundering and the potential impact of these requirements on the practice of Financial Investigation.


Transnational Organised Crime Course

Chenega Europe’s Transnational Organised Crime course equips students in concepts, characteristics and effects of transnational organised crime. Students are familiarised with organised crime group’s (OCG) modus operandi in relation to their global reach and effect. The course is designed to provide a theoretical, practical and historical understanding of financial Investigation and an awareness of current and imminent developments in the legal and regulatory environment surrounding financial investigation from an international perspective. Our training provides candidates with the key foundations and regulation that underpin UK and International Financial Investigation regimes. The course promotes critical understanding of the relationship between International Regulation, Central Government, the Corporate Compliance function and the links from this to enforcement and regulation.


Full details of our Investigative Based courses can be found on the Chenega Europe website here:  or you can visit us at Booth D22 at SCTX Security and Counter Terror Expo in Olympia, London 6 – 7 March.
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