Safety Advice for Travelling Abroad

With schools out and the summer holidays officially here, many families, couples and solo travellers head abroad from the UK to seek the sun. Unfortunately, when abroad, safety can be a concern, especially if travelling alone. Terrorists often seek to exploit public places filled with large numbers of people, such as beaches, busy streets in city centres and tourist attractions.

By following a few simple guidelines, you can increase your chances of remaining safe should you be unfortunate enough to encounter an attack or incident.


PLAN: Have a plan in your mind of what you would do if something went wrong. Know where the exits are and how to escape. Spend a few seconds thinking through these things to give you the best option should a terrorist attack occur.


STAY ALERT: Distractions, such as wearing headphones, will slow your reaction time. The earlier you know that something has occurred, the better prepared you will be.


ASSESS: If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a terrorist attack, rapidly assess the situation and most of all try not to panic. Think what you need to do to keep yourself safe.


GET AWAY: The best opportunity you will have to survive a terrorist attack or incident is to put as much distance between you and the event as possible. Find a safe route to a safe place.


HIDE: If you can’t run because the route is blocked or for some other reason hide, lock the doors, barricade yourself in. Turn your phone to silent. Wait for the emergency services to come and get you.


TELL: If you can from a place of relative safety, call the police and tell them what is happening. Include location of where you are and a description of suspects if you can.


FIGHT: If you have NO other choice fight. Use anything at your disposal that can be used as a weapon. If you are in a group, attack the threat as a group. This will give you your best chance.


Don't forget: RUN, HIDE, TELL, FIGHT. Get as far away as possible and don't be tempted to take that photograph or video. It could get you killed.

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