Technical Surveillance Counter Measures: The forgotten threat

What exactly is TSCM?

We all know of the threat posed by poor cyber security and computer hacking as it’s in the news almost daily. What’s not in the news as often is an increase in eavesdropping, better known as “bugging” because most people at risk assume that information is lost or stolen because of hacking.

Whilst not diminishing the threat from poor cyber security practices or hacking we need to look at technical threat’s in a more holistic manner. Today, it is relatively easy to gather critical information or intelligence from off the shelf solutions. The more practiced will modify such devices or develop their own. It is easy to purchase any number of listening devices and tracking devices on line with no trace back to the buyer. The proliferation of readily accessible, encrypted wi-fi access aides those with nefarious intent. Every year in the UK alone, there are thousands of tracking and listening / video devices sold. Who is buying them and for what use?

Access to sensitive areas or material can be obtained by people such as staff, disgruntled staff, former employees, reporters and competitors. It can take seconds to deploy an audio / video eavesdropping device in your boardroom or office.

Chenega provides a corporate Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) service to banks and other financial Institutions, airports, pharmaceutical companies, high net worth individuals and anyone at risk or perceived risk. Unlike many companies that provide this service, our team of professionals have deployed many hundreds of legal covert listening devices. This unique experience enables them to understand exactly what type of device could be used, room acoustics, building structure, power supply and a host of other critical aspects that most TSCM operatives simply don't have.

Not only do the premises get a complete technical and physical search, but the client also gets an in-depth security review for that area. Our staff travel globally to safeguard our existing clients.

Due Diligence

We firmly believe that you should plan wisely and choose the correct security company for your requirements. However, to simply select your security company from a webpage is not wise. That is why at Chenega we are always happy to discuss your exact requirements or concerns and will answer any questions you may have.  Please ask us for some details or proof of experience and then you can begin to understand why we are the best at what we do.


Strict client confidentiality is one of our core values. Consequently, not every detail, skill or gained experience about our staff is detailed here. Need we say more. It makes sense to have it that way…In that same way we also protect and value you and ensure that “your information, remains your information.

Visit us at Booth D22 at SCTX Security and Counter Terror Expo 6th – 7th March in Olympia, London to find out more.

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