Chenega Europe Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Training

Chenega Europe Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Training

Hostage and crisis negotiation is an ever-evolving discipline and crucial to strategic considerations in seeking successful and peaceful outcomes, in any particular crisis scenario.

Negotiation courses are designed to provide students with effective communication and listening skills for application in various crisis scenarios. This is achieved through a combination of theoretical inputs, case studies and practical exercising.  By the end of the course, students will be equipped to deliver safe outcomes in a range of life at risk scenarios.

In conjunction with conventional negotiation approaches to incidents such as suicide intervention, kidnap and criminal / domestic siege, there has been a necessity to develop approaches to meet the increasing challenges of international terrorism and extremist attacks. The real threat picture out there was demonstrated recently by the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, where 22 people were killed in a siege by a gunman.

BBC News: Afghan Intercontinental Hotel attack: Death toll in Kabul reaches 22

These ‘unconventional’ events, perpetrated in the main by Islamist extremists, continue to pose a significant global threat with increased risk to Western nationals working abroad.  These attacks have broadly taken the form of “MTFA’, Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack, concluding in a siege / hostage taking scenario.

Marauding terrorist firearms attacks and hostage taking are fast moving, unconventional scenarios that require unconventional tactics to save lives. Approaches designed to engage, distract and delay perpetrators are key. Given the level of risk, there is scope for focused training for both law enforcement and military, to enhance their operational approach in this high-risk area.

Unconventional negotiation approaches have been developed with a focus on perpetrator engagement designed to distract and delay perpetrators, thereby allowing time, sometimes seconds, to facilitate escape and save lives.

Chenega’s hostage and crisis negotiation trainer is a recently retired police officer and specialist in Hostage and Crisis Negotiation and International Policing. A graduate of the FBI Quantico and Metropolitan Police negotiation courses and former member of the UK and International Working Groups on hostage and crisis negotiation. He has played a key role in developing the police response to life at risk and crisis scenarios involving terrorism, kidnap, hostage taking, siege and suicide intervention. As a former member of the elite UK International Negotiator Cadre, he has deployed on a number of operational and training missions internationally, including Europe, Middle East and North Africa. He is a certified trainer and assessor.

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