Chenega Europe Debut Precipio Vehicle Protection at SCTX Security and Counter Terror Expo

Chenega Precipio: Vehicle Protection and Proactive Mitigation through 24/7 vehicle monitoring

Chenega Precipio: Vehicle Protection and Proactive Mitigation through 24/7 vehicle monitoring


Every day automotive security breaches and vehicle tampering occur throughout the world. Vehicle security threats have gone from film drama to a reality. Tech-savvy thieves can steal cars using nothing more than a computer and a wireless system to infiltrate the vehicle’s security protections. Vehicles can also be tampered with and planted with trackers and explosive devices for information gathering and malicious intent.


The Chenega Precipio solution offers individuals peace of mind. Utilising an internalised vehicle security system, Precipio guards any size vehicle from malicious intent through user notification and vehicle monitoring. Chenega and Precipio possess extensive experience working with both commercial and governmental entities to implement security measures and perform threat assessments. Our unique capabilities and proven performance allow us to scale deployment and implementation to large-scale Corporate and Government entities, or to an individual user.


  • Precipio has 12 sensor heads that are strategically placed inside the vehicle.
  • Each head is a magnetic detection sensor.
  • Anything magnetically attached to the vehicle will change the magnetic “shape” of the vehicle
  • If the doors or boot are opened, this will also change the magnetic field of the vehicle.
  • Any changes to the magnetic parameters of the vehicle will trigger an alert.
  • An “in country” sim card is installed inside Precipio and is matched with the user/s mobile.
  • Instructions on how to programme this sim card and the GSM module are included.
  • You can have these texts and calls going to up to 5 users.
  • Every time you activate Precipio it instantly runs a self-diagnostic check on itself.

If you are interested in learning more about Chenega Precipio vehicle protection visit us at stand D22 at SCTX Security and Counter Terror Expo 6th-7th March at Olympia London. 

Or download the Chenega Precipio info sheet here:

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