“Secret Victory: The Intelligence War that Beat the IRA” is Christmas bestseller.
“Secret Victory: The Intelligence War that Beat the IRA” is Christmas bestseller.

Chenega Consultant, Dr William Matchett recently published a book entitled “Secret Victory: The Intelligence War that Beat the IRA”. The book has sold out on Amazon and EBay, is a Christmas bestseller in Eason Bookstores Ireland and will soon be available in Waterstones bookstores across the UK.

Dr Matchett is a member of our team of subject matter experts and fully certified trainers who deliver Law Enforcement and Security Training programs in areas such as intelligence, counter-terrorism, countering violent extremism, anti-corruption and more. He has over 30 years policing experience almost exclusively in the Counter Terror world. He has led HUMINT gathering teams, Intelligence Management teams and Anti-Corruption Investigative teams. He has worked on policing projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Indonesia. He has conducted a strategic review of Jordan’s Police and worked with the Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces.

“Secret Victory: The Intelligence War that Beat the IRA”


Secret Victory is based on Dr Matchett’s PhD that he completed at Ulster University and draws from his experience of policing a violent conflict in Northern Ireland and implementing police training programs in Iraq and Afghanistan. He sheds light on ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland from an untold perspective that is based on facts and counters the Republican propaganda machine that has churned out false rhetoric for many decades in both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

The impact of which was felt most critically by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) and Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) over false allegations of collusion between security forces and Loyalist paramilitary groups. Matchett puts these myths to the sword. He describes the resilient effort of security forces to bring peace to a troubled nation by infiltrating, degrading and strategically defeating a sophisticated violent insurgency - The Irish Republican Army (IRA). Ultimately resulting in the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

Thoroughly researched, written with objectivity and not without criticism of security forces, the British Army and the state.