A look into the different layers of the Internet. Starting at the surface with the Open Web, then diving into the Deep and Dark web and the specialist software required to access them.

With the ever-increasing requirement for having online access all the time, users are more often connecting to public WiFi networks or hotspots than before, such as in an airport, hotel or public place. Wifi networks are becoming more popular and powerful and devices can easily connect to them, but they do pose a high security risk.

Once a smartphone, laptop of other device is connected to a public network, hackers can very easily intercept a user’s online activity and even gain access to the device itself.


Fake news has become a daily occurrence in the digital era. Difficult to detect and prolific across social media, fake news can easily disguise itself as legitimate news and go viral. Open source and social media intelligence have proven key to distinguishing the fake from the real.

Here are our top tips on how to spot fake news and identify fake websites and website hacks...