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The recent 2020 Trafficking in Persons report highlights a phenomenon that is beginning to receive increased attention: Trauma Bonding in sex trafficking victims.  Trauma Bonding or Stockholm Syndrome is not unique to sex trafficking victims but it is important that government officials and service providers recognise the signs.


To wear or not to wear, that is the question we have all been asking ourselves about masks as we start to come out of isolation and try to get back to some normality.  Masks, all of a sudden, have become big business, whether they are disposable or reusable. ...

“Information does not have to be secret to be valuable” – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Chenega are proud to launch the T66 Tactical Shield at SCTX 2019 Security & Counter Terror Expo this March 5-6.

As part of the Chenega Europe’s intelligence training program, we offer bespoke training to assist law enforcement agencies construct professional structures to manage Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and the multiplicity of intelligence gathering streams available today.

Chenega Europe will be showcasing our HUMINT / CHIS training offerings that are tailored to each client’s needsat SCTX 2019 Security & Counter Terror Expo this March 5-6.

Chenega Europe, subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, the most successful Alaska Native Corporation to compete in the US Federal DOD market space, is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at the UK’s leading national security event, SCTX Security & Counter Terror Expo, for the third consecutive year.

Chenega Europe is proud to announce we will be demonstrating a Facial Recognition solution with partner Cognitech at 2018 Milipol Qatar. Cognitech Systems was founded in 2002 by a team of experts who recognized the growing need for software and hardware solutions in the field of biometrics. Founders have been working on algorithms for the FaceVACS face recognition technology s ...

Chenega Europe is proud to introduce ReconEyez, our partner in Asset Protection. Increased Security Protection, Reduced Costs. See ReconEyez and Chenega Europe in action at Milipol Qatar 29 -31 October.