A specialist team led by former Head of the PSNI Serious Crime Review Team, who conduct reviews of police and security forces and deliver reports on what is required to achieve Human Rights and Anti-Corruption compliance.

The policing world is changing as countries recognise they must address critical issues, such as Human Rights compliance and Anti-Corruption structures to attract financial support for reform. At Chenega Europe we offer a specialist team who will conduct a review of existing practice and deliver a comprehensive report to the host nation on what is required to achieve compliance.

Our review team is led by the former Head of the Police Service Northern Ireland’s Serious Crime Review Team. He has unrivalled experience in reviewing unsolved Homicides, Terrorist Atrocities and Serious Sexual crime. His staff are equally experienced.

Previous experience includes introducing and completing a new review process into the PSNI for 690 unsolved non-terrorist murders dating from 1968 to 2004. Other high profile reviews have included the events in Londonderry in 1972 which became known to the world as “Bloody Sunday” and the successful cold case reviews of the murders of police officers.